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The aliens are one of the major enemies in Salvaged. The ultimate design goal for them was to portray a biologically varied, yet clearly visually linked race, all of which work together to protect their queen. Each has different characteristics and behaviours, such as small and swarming critters, to slow but towering behemoths.


The infected were always supposed to be the "zombie" mobs in Salvaged. The mindless, mid difficulty, enemies. I personally concepted the design for the infected, wanting a less squishy classic zombie look and something harder and sharper with interesting silhouettes. The idea of blood crystals that have formed and spread through bodies like a virus was appealing and for the boss character to be an amalgamation of bodies that have been assimilated.  


R.I.S.C Soldiers make up your chosen party in Salvaged, but they are also encountered when rival R.I.S.C crews are found on abandoned ships. I wanted to give them a more aggressive look compared to friendly R.I.S.C Soldiers.


Props all had to have the same look to them, I focused on the blue and orange markings matching the UI.


Weapons come in many forms and can be augmented depending on how players wish to spec out their squad. Each weapon belongs to a category of weapons (flamethrowers, shotguns, pistols, etc) and each is textured to reflect the category it is part of.

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